Now that I'm retired I can dedicate more time to my painting and drawing. I have always had a genuine interest in art, particularly some of the Masters in their fields.

I decided I wanted to enjoy painting as a hobby in the early sixties after my first exposure to Leroy Neiman. This was through "Playboy" magazine which had been featuring his art since 1953.The brilliant colors and energetic images of Leroy Neiman (1927- ) and his rampant "dabs" of color always produce such beautiful semi-abstract paintings filled with action. His amazing and unconventional use of colors has influenced my free wheeling use of colors and composition.

Claude Monet's (1840-1926) innovations in the study of color, his visible brush strokes, and the use of different palettes of color to "express" forms and figures also affected my use of colors in my amatuer attempts at Expressionism using various palettes of color and heavy brush strokes.

I like the Abstract Expressionism of Jackson Pollock (1912-1956). He used such an abundance of abstract energy and apparent lack of discipline to express himself. His paintings earned him the nickname "Jack the Dripper". I try to attain similar energy in my artwork.

Vincent Van Gogh's (1853-1890) heavy blots of lively paint, thick texture and violent colors gave a wonderful sensation of movement to his paintings. His vibrant style began the evolution of Expressionism. He once said "...what is done with love is done well". I love painting and strive to express myself by attempting to imitate some of Van Gogh's distinctive brush stokes.

By combining a little of each of the Master's techniques I think I have developed my own style which I call "Abstract Reality". I hope you derive as much pleasure viewing my artwork as I did creating them.

Matthew "Skip" Spinella
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Dare to be different.
Midas Tree
Crucifixion Tree
Skip in his studio.